Shoppers flock to stores for last-minute Christmas gifts

JACKSON, Tenn. — Stores in the Hub City filled as last-minute shoppers checked off their Christmas list.

The countdown is on, and shoppers only have a few days left to find that perfect gift.

“People are buying toys. Toys go like crazy this time of year,” said general manager of merchandising at Target, Shellee Wilson. “People buy clothing; people love buying appliances, movies, electronics. Apple products always sell really well.”

Last-minute shoppers were out and about Saturday, with some heading to Target in Jackson.

Many people say they are hoping to find good deals as they search for Christmas presents.

With only a few days left until Christmas, for some, panic has started to set in.

“It’s been super busy today, and then just this last month in general during the holiday season, it gets really busy,” Wilson said.

From shopping for the kids to grandparents, there was something different for everyone.

“My daughter loves Pokemon and Legos, so I figure I’d buy her a couple of these,” said shopper Melanie Rogers. “My son loves Pokemon as well, the cards.”

“I’m shopping for some friends of ours and also my son,” said shopper Brittany Leitherland. “For this Hidden Side Lego set and also Ninjago Lego set and little Shopkins girl.”

“Shopping today for my great nieces that live in Memphis and a couple of things for my daughters that lives in Nashville,” said shopper Mary Morton.

Several shoppers say Christmas is their favorite time of the year.

“Decorations, I love the shopping,” Morton said. “I actually love the crowds too.”

“Christmas is my favorite holiday,” Rogers said. “It’s a time of getting everyone together and sharing the joy of love and giving.”

Target was just one of several stores in Jackson that was filled for last-minute Christmas shopping Saturday.

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