New program to inspire students for career opportunities

JACKSON, Tenn.– Leaders of a new initiative invited community members out to learn about a new program being offered in Jackson-Madison County Schools.

It’s called the Tennessee Career Awareness and Preparation System, also known as TN-CAPS.

It’s designed to build students’ awareness of the variety of careers in the community.

Teachers are provided age appropriate lesson plans to introduce careers.

It also provides a list of local businesses who are willing to interact with schools and students.

“I think the more exposure students have to career opportunities and the easier the information is for educators to access it just makes for a good learning opportunity all the way around and it also helps our local businesses generate employees the brightest talent within our school systems and enlighten them to opportunities within businesses in Jackson,” said Vicki Bunch, vice president of Talent Development with the Jackson Chamber.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the program information session.

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