Aspiring health professionals gather for HOSA competitions

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hundreds of aspiring health professionals were at Jackson State Community College this week for their Health Occupations Students of America competitions.

“We have over 60 competitions here. These students can choose whichever competition they’re interested in,” said Tennessee HOSA state president Jaylie Shaver.

Through HOSA-Future Health Professionals, the students learn a wide range of skills and earn certificates they can use in health occupations right now.

“I was a certified nursing assistant by the time I graduated high school, so that allowed me to get my foot in the door and say, ‘Nursing is what I want to do,'” Shaver said.

In one of the competitions, students were put in a real-life situation affecting millions of people across the country.

“We’re giving a presentation/skit on opioids and hydrocodone, and how drug abuse is a common thing that’s happened,” said Collierville High School senior Autumn Conway.

It was less about the judging of this competition and more about what the students learned while preparing.

“I wasn’t really aware of these abuses and how people don’t know much about it, so I think it’s really good that we’re trying to spread awareness,” Conway said.

These students say they will be able to use the skills they’ve learned here in the future.

“I personally want to go into a form of nursing or even into a form of medical school,” said Collierville High School senior Jamey Ryan.

“I feel like I might want to be on the business side of healthcare, but I feel like all of it comes together and helps in the long run,” Conway said.

Your student can join HOSA-Future Health Professionals at their high school.

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