Sterling Awards accepting nominations for influential women

JACKSON, Tenn.– For the 10th year, the Jackson Area Business and Professional Women are recognizing 20 of the most influential women in West Tennessee.

“We’re looking for women who serve as role models, who are creative, innovative, powerful women, leaders in their community,” Sterling Awards board member Jackie Utley said.

On their website, you can see a list of 180 women who have been recognized by the Sterling Awards, serving in fields from healthcare and education, to law enforcement.

Utley says one of the first winners of the award was Dixie Carter, who was honored in memoriam. Utley says through the years, other women in the community have been recognized for their work.

“Judge Christy Little has been a winner, and she has been a leader in the judicial process, especially being a female,” Utley said. “We have had Katie Brantley, who is a local activist and force of nature, who has won.”

If you are thinking of someone to nominate, just fill out the form and send in support letters.

“We have less than two weeks before the deadline, noon on Friday, January 24. That’s a hard deadline. We have to get it in that day,” Utley said.

The winners will be announced on Equal Pay Day, March 31.

“It just stirs my soul to know all that’s been accomplished, and that they’re being acknowledged for their accomplishments,” Utley said.

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