Local city competes in HGTV’s ‘Hometown Takeover’

MILAN, Tenn. — Residents in the City of Milan will be gathering Sunday to take pictures downtown, and city leaders will be taking more photos in other residential areas.

Those photos will then be submitted to HGTV’s ‘Hometown Takeover’ in hopes of getting their city revitalized.

City leaders want to show them that Milan would be a great candidate for a small town revitalization.

“We ask the community to come out and just show some community support,” said Allyson Harris with community development for the City of Milan. “We are submitting a video to HGTV ‘Hometown Takeover’, hopefully to get their attention to come to Milan and takeover our little downtown.”

‘Hometown Takeover’ is a renovation show that “takes over” a whole town.

Mayor B.W. Beasley says a few buildings in Milan need to be refurbished and revitalized.

“We have the typical small town America Main Street, and with a little work, we’ve already got people putting brand new businesses down there,” Beasley said. “But we need that extra touch on a few other buildings and we are hoping this will allow us to do that.”

The best part? The community is invited to take a stroll downtown this Sunday.

Local leaders are asking residents to show their love for Milan to help bring the show to the city.

“We are going to have some photos and videos, a little drone footage, just community support, gathering, walking downtown talking and laughing with each other and we are all just coming together to show them that we really want them to come here,” Harris said.

If you would like to attend Sunday’s event, you’re asked to meet at the Regions Bank parking lot in Milan at 12:30 p.m.

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