Three Jackson schools hold open houses Sunday

JACKSON, Tenn.– Sunday was open house night for three schools in the Hub City.

Augustine School, Trinity Christian Academy and University School of Jackson all held open house night.

Dean at Augustine School Seth Drown said he has current students giving tours.

“They’ll come and they’ll be assigned a student and a parent to give them a tour, and the students will take them around to different classrooms show them the facilities,” Drown said.

Associate Head of School at University School of Jackson Don Roe said this year’s open house is special.

“We’re showing off our campus, but we’re also showing off our story of USJ. Our story goes back 50 years. We celebrate our 50th this year, we are definitely building for the future,” Roe said.

Judy Brown, Head of School at Trinity Christian Academy, was at their open house greeting new faces.

“To really open the doors of our school to the community, who might be seeking the mission that we have at TCA and just allow people to come inside to see our facility,” Brown said.

And each school showcased their unique qualities.

“We go back through the Western tradition. We read the great books, we put an emphasis on grammar instruction, Latin. Our students actually start taking Latin in the third grade,” Drown said.

“To educate and grow the entire student, academically, artistically, athletically,” Roe said.

“One thing that makes us different is that in all that we do, where we educate the child’s mind, body and soul,” Brown said.

These open houses are for the second semester and the next school year.

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