Tennessee Quit Week brings awareness, options to quit smoking

JACKSON, Tenn. — Are you seeing 2020?

Well that’s the theme for this year’s “Tennessee Quit Week,” a period used to inspire Tennesseans to live healthier tobacco free lives.

For the last five years, the Tennessee Department of Health, along with public and private sectors across the state, have focused on promoting tobacco free lives through their free resources, including the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine.

Every Monday at Lane College, the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department plays a role in bringing awareness to several health issues including smoking.

“We give out quotes that inspire people to quit and inspire people to stay motivated,” said Gilandria Williams, health department public health educator.

The program also has been providing education and support to help pregnant women quit smoking as well.

“We have sessions, prenatal sessions, for the moms,” Williams said. “We also give incentives, so then incentives can be a $25 gift card and they can get wipes and diapers from them.”

Smoking tobacco is the number one preventable cause of death in the United States.

In Tennessee, 31 people die each day as a direct result of smoking says Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey, with a lengthy list of risk factors.

“You know, lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer,” Williams said. “The list just goes on and on.”

Quitting can be hard, but the state wants to make sure that help is available through free coaching, online resources and more.

“The QuitLine gets free nicotine patches so you know to kind of inspire people, like we’re here to help you,” Williams said.

Tennessee Quit Week runs until February 7. You can find a list of available sources with Tennessee’s Tobacco Program here.

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