Trenton library expansion to offer computer lab, new children’s programs

TRENTON, Tenn. — Your local library has so much more to offer than just books to check out.

One library is expanding to fit the needs of their bookworms.

“This past year has been crazy, in a good way,” Lindsay Ingram, director of Gibson County Memorial Library, said.

That’s because Ingram and the Friends of the Library have been working non-stop on the expansion of the Gibson County Library.

It all started back in 2018 when the library board was founded.

“This time last year, we started our first fundraiser in January, the soup and silent auction, and it raised over $6,000,” Ingram said.

They had several other fundraisers in 2019 and were able to raise a total of $26,000.

“We could not be more excited to have that amount and to know we’re gonna have to have a lot more than that. But, that first year, $26,000 is not bad,” Ingram said.

The current building was built in 1968 and is only 5,200 square feet.


To accomplish everything the library wants to do with the new space, they’ll need between 19,000 to 26,000 square feet, which is four times what they have now.

So where is all the extra space coming from? A parking lot.

Ingram says the city has agreed to shut down the side street between the library and the city parking lot. The expansions will then take over this space giving them the room they need to help their community.

“We’re hoping to have a computer lab, and that will allow us to host computer classes for patrons. We want to have more rooms for the children’s area and children’s programs,” Ingram said.

Ingram says they have more and more people coming every month asking for programs, including one on how to use computers.

With the new space they’ll be able to have classes to teach community members things like sending emails or even simply searching for things on Google.

Plans for the library also include a meeting room so the county commission and other groups could use the library.

The library also partners with the Trenton Special School District in the summer for a feeding program for students.

“Right now we have nowhere for those children to sit and eat and the food has to be eaten on-site. So this will help them so they don’t have sit out in the heat in June and July,” Ingram said.

And Ingram is making sure they raise all the money themselves.

“The foundation is ready to apply for grants and have fundraisers and to really make it a team effort. So, the financial strain doesn’t go to the county of city of Trenton,” Ingram said.

The library on South High Street is so much more than just a place for books, and they need your help to expand the minds of everyone who walks through their doors.

You can drop off any donations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. You can also mail it to 303 South High Street in Trenton.

Soon they’ll have a rendering of what the new building will look like as they continue to raise funds.

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