What’s New Wednesday: Fit Happens Bootcamp

“If you would have asked me three years ago, I would be sitting on the couch. There’s days when I’m not motivated,” said

Brooke Carrell. It wasn’t until Brooke started pushing herself at the gym when she noticed a difference.

“These women have helped me so much with my self-confidence,” said Carrell.

The women are Leigh Bowers and Kelli Patterson; the two work out buddies that started Fit Happens Bootcamp in Humboldt.

“It quickly turned into a huge bootcamp!” said Bowers.

The high energy fitness program includes pull-ups, wall balls, weight training, running and box jumps, but it’s more than that.

“We are like a family and everyone wants to see you succeed,” said Carrell.

In fact, success is now Brooke Carrell’s middle name. She is now a trainer at Fit Hapenss Bootcamp and has competed in bikini competitions

“Everyone encouraged me to really keep pushing for my goals and that’s what its really all about ,” said Carrell.

“Put those smiling faces on people!” Bowers shouts to the bootcamp class.

Fit Happens Bootcamp is located at 2500 North Central Avenue in Humboldt.

They offer daily classes from 5 a.m. to 8p.m. It costs $65 per month. They also have a nutritionist.

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