Cities near the Tennessee River prepare for flooding

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. — Adamsville Public Works is preparing for the flooding of the Tennessee River.

“We get to certain levels and start shutting off our mains. As the water comes up, we step back,” said Adamsville Public Works director Scott Klinck.

Water mains to eight different areas have been shut off so far and officials are warning residents to turn off their water meters before leaving.

“If you have something on your side that’s broken and you’re gone, you’re looking at two or three days of pure water usage,” Klinck said.

Just last year the area saw flooding very similar to this week.

“So this being something back to back is pretty crazy,” Klinck said.

In 2019 the river reached 395 feet. Before that it hadn’t been that high since 1973.

This year the river is forecast to reach 387 feet by Sunday.

“Until this is over and the levels go completely back down, we’re on it every day,” Klinck said.

If you come across a flooded road remember: turn around, don’t drown.

If you have any questions about what to do in Adamsville due to flooding call City Hall at (731) 632-1401.

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