JMCSS discuss new superintendent and school designs

JACKSON, Tenn. — The start to build two new schools is getting closer and closer with more discussions among members of the Jackson-Madison County School Board.

“Well, we’re looking at, hopefully if we can close March 1, that we start the next day on the construction of the two projects related to JCM and Madison,” said interim superintendent Ray Washington.

The school board has already agreed on the pre-development for the schools. Now they have to vote on the actual development agreement in an upcoming meeting Thursday.

“The school board will have done its part, if we start March 1, then the substantial completion dated July 1,” Washington said.

Also on Thursday, board members will vote on a resolution for the Lincoln Elementary School property to be transferred over to Lane College, at which time the decision will be put in the city’s hand’s since they own the deed.

“We turn it over to the city, then the city can then, in turn, turn it over to Lane,” Washington said.

The school board also received a list of candidates for the superintendent of schools position.

“So the TSBA recommended six candidates, but they are going to look at some other candidates also, and they may want to add to the list,” Washington said.

The six narrowed down from a list of 27 are Roderick Richmond, Dr. Versie Hamlett, Marlon King, Ron Woodard, Sharon Williams, and the school system’s very own Jared Myracle.

“I look forward to the interview process and explaining some of the ideas and vision that I might have for the school system,” Myracle said.

Board members agreed to start interviews February 20 and 21.

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