Florists feel the rush for Valentine’s Day gifts


KSON, Tenn. — According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend over $27 billion in gifts for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Local business owners in Jackson are getting a piece of that pie.

“Especially when it’s on a Friday, we have been able to deliver flowers all week long,” said J. Kent Freeman, owner of J. Kent Freeman Floral Design.

Both Morris Nursery and Freeman Floral Design say flowers remain their biggest hit this holiday season.

“Several thousands of roses and plants, lilies, hydrangeas; we have a huge arrangement of fresh cut flowers that will be going out,” Freeman said.

“Custom arrangements, orchids, things like that, we saw more of,” said James Wick, nursery manager at Morris Nursery and Landscapes.

Roses remain the favorite of buyers, but Wick says this year they’ve seen more diversity in the gifts consumers are buying.

“Some of the gift items, like some of the specialty soaps and candles, make really good Valentine’s presents,” Wick said.

The busiest days are, unsurprisingly, Thursday and Friday.

If you’re late to the shopping, remember that some businesses can’t take orders past a certain point.

“If you have not acted on Valentine’s yet, you better get busy,” Freeman said.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting option than roses, you might want to look at orchids for your next purchase.

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