Hundreds enjoy exotic pet expo at Jackson fairgrounds

JACKSON, Tenn. — Animal lovers enjoyed a thrilling day at the Jackson fairgrounds.

Hundreds of people filled the Jackson Fairgrounds Park for a glimpse of some unique animals.

“We’re big animal lovers, and we love to come out and see all of the different varieties of animals,” attendee Tracy Wallace said.

Wallace and her family visited the exotic pet expo Saturday afternoon at the Jackson Fairgrounds.

Her family, like hundreds of others attending, enjoyed many exotic animals.

The expo had everything from birds, to baby goats, snakes, rodents, and even some creepy crawlies, like this pink toed tarantula.

“At first, when it comes on your hand, it’s a little scary, but once you overcome it, it’s worth the experience,” Wallace said, “it’s not as scary as you might think. They’re actually very friendly, and very soft. I’d recommend you to try it out!”

Attendees also shopped around at different vendors not just for pets, but even pet supplies.

One mom and pop shop from Alabama, Animals Direct Choice, set up shop in Jackson for the first time and sold some of their home made bird seeds.

“I think the fresher the product is, it’s better for the bird,” owner Mike Devinie said.

Devinie said it’s all about the animals.

“I care more for my animals than I do people, really. My animals don’t complain. They’re as close to god as you can get,” Devinie said.

The exotic pet expo is also open Sunday from 10 am to 4pm.

After this weekend, the next exotic pet expo in Jackson will take place in October.

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