Get your lawn ready for spring

JACKSON, Tenn. — Believe it or not, right now is the perfect time to start getting your lawn ready for spring.

“You always want to do your spring pre-emergent that takes care of your summer weeds, your pesky crabgrass,” Jared Bryant, general manager of Reliable Lawncare and Lawnscaping, said.

Now is also time to lay down mulch or other things to cover your flowerbeds.

“It will prevent weeds from growing because they can’t get sunlight and germinate,” Bryant said.

During the winter, things like leaves and pine needles, also known as thatch, have inevitably fallen in your yards. Bryant says you’ll want to get rid of as much of that as possible and then cut the grass short to promote early greening.

If you’re thinking about sodding your yard, you can do that anytime of year.

“If there is any winter kill from a warm up and then it freezing again, you can always cut that out and re-sod it,” Bryant said.

If you have any grass that’s matted, you’ll want to pull that up and remove any thatch underneath.

During spring and summer, you’ll want to keep your grass at two to three inches tall. Bryant says any taller and disease can grow underneath it.

During the winter you can keep your lawns taller, but cut it shorter when it starts to warm up to promote early growth and greening.

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