Potential UTM students take ‘test flight’ of college

MARTIN, Tenn. — Potential students are getting a chance to take a test flight of college.

“We’ve got over 400 visitors on campus. Obviously, some of those are moms and dads along with their students, but primarily, it’s students,” University of Tennessee Martin Chancellor Dr. Keith Carver said.

This event is proving that UT Martin’s recruitment strategy is working, even though community college is virtually free in Tennessee.

“We’re trying to get out there more and tell our message, and talk about the UT Martin quality and value package, but we’re also recruiting students earlier,” Carver said. “We’re starting to recruit students when they’re sophomores in high school.”

Students even got a chance to meet with some of the professors and visit the classrooms they might be in one day.

“They’re going to different departments around campus, and each department does their own unique activity and unique program for their students,” admissions counselor Mykaela Watkins said.

An engineering professor says there are typically only a half-dozen people in these tours, but Monday’s tour had about 20, which is the average class size at UT Martin.

“Something I loved as a students was having the smaller class sizes and the personal connection with my professors,” Watkins said.

And the students even got a chance to learn a few things about their potential major.

“That’s wonderful for in-class time and for prospective job opportunities. Professors already know you and can write you good letters of recommendation and give you good guidance,” Watkins said.

UT Martin offers campus tours every day. To set one up, call the admissions center at (731) 881-7020.

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