Local nonprofit looks back on record-breaking year

JACKSON, Tenn. — What does it take to run one of the largest nonprofits in Jackson?

“So our community outreach, our senior staples program, our food co-op, our food bank, snack backpack, school food pantries, soup kitchen, thrift store. I think that’s it,” said Lindsay Dawkins with Regional Interfaith Association.

Dawkins tells us 2019 was the biggest year for RIFA yet.

“We served over 518,000 last year through all of our ministries and programs,” Dawkins said. “That’s a lot.”

But how do you keep a place that serves half a million meals in one year going? That’s the volunteers.

“Without the community, RIFA wouldn’t exist. Without the churches and the businesses, the individuals who come and give up their resources, financially and in-kind donations of their time and volunteering,” Dawkins said.

And there are a couple of ways you can help this ministry continue to grow.

“One: volunteer. Come and give some of your time. Two: give some of your resources. It takes financial resources to be able to run RIFA. Three: or giving in-kind. Giving food. Lots of food comes in and out of our doors,” Dawkins said.

The easiest way to sign up to volunteer is through their website.

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