Mardi Gras parade takes over downtown Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Kids in Jackson got to shutdown parts of downtown for a Mardi Gras celebration, and this year’s theme for the parade is Nursery Rhymes.

“Just a chance for people to put together floats and for the kids to dress up. We’ve got Olaf here,” said Jackson Downtown Development Director Matt Altobell.

Thanks to the Jackson Downtown Development Corporation and its sponsors, kids and parents were able to head out for some Mardi Gras fun.

“I’ve been coming out to these parades since my daughter was about a year old and now she is 12,” said parade goer Kristen McKenney. “I started when they went around behind the little quad behind Lambuth, so it’s been a while, so I have been coming out every year.”

Kids also got the chance to participate in the pancake relay.

“I am here with my wife and our two kids and we are just out kind of soaking it all in and having a great time,” said Russ McKelvery, another parade goer. “This is actually the first time we’ve been able to come out so really cool to see something like this in Jackson.”

Parade goers say it is a way to bring families together to enjoy a wholesome fun event.

“It’s energetic and fun and lively. The kids love it. Especially they have a theme every year,” McKenney said.

“I am looking forward to seeing all the floats in the parade. I know there will be a lot of unique ones and it should be a lot of fun,” McKelvery said.

“Just a way to come out and have some fun with people in the community,” Altobell said.

Organizers say the celebration is held every year in downtown Jackson.


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