2nd Annual Jackson Artistic Youth Program

JACKSON, Tenn. — Sunday the Jackson Tennessee Chapter of Links Incorporated gave youth a platform to show off their skills in Fine Arts at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.

“My cover’s for the 4th chapter of one of my favorite stories, titled the ‘Dark Knight Return,” said Artist Kendarius Dupree.

17-year-old Kendarius Dupree said with the help of his teacher he was able to showcase his comic book art.

“Each cover just tell you the basic stuff of what happens, in each chapter without spoiling, everything in it,” said Dupree.

Dupree said having an opportunity to showcase his art has gotten him accepted into an art school in New Jersey.

“They’ve let me present my art before, and I was happy to do it, that got me noticed, and now that I’m doing it again, I feel like I’m probably going to get more notice,” said Dupree.

Links Incorporated Secretary Cynthia Grant said giving the youth a chance to express themselves through art will help them pursue it in the future.

“That one day they may be the next Leontyne Price, or Maya Angelou, or Oprah Winfrey, we don’t know who they are going to be, but if we open the doors, and train them up now while their young we’re hoping that someday it will pay off for them as well as all of us,” said Cynthia Grant Link Incorporated Secretary.

This is the second year for the Jackson Artistic Youth Program.

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