Girl Scout cookie booth season underway

JACKSON, Tenn. — Girl Scout cookie season is officially underway.

It’s something the organization only does once a year over a span of four weekends, and they kick off this Friday.

Debra Martin, who is the volunteer specialist with the Girl Scouts Heart of the South Jackson location says that they’ve been getting orders ready for members to pick up.

“We’ll be at local Walmarts, Krogers, Lowe’s, many locations that have been set up by volunteers through the service unit,” Martin said.

This year there is also a new design on the boxes with the word GIRL spelled on it. It stands for the different roles that these young girls can represent such as “Go Getters, Innovators, Risk Takers or Leaders.

Not only do they have a new design this year, but you can also get your hands on the latest cookie of the season called Lemon Ups.

“It’s a shortbread cookie with a lemon glaze on the bottom, and so we have all eight types of cookies here cause this is a cupboard for the local area,” Martin said.

Every year they go by different themes. This year it’s all about “finding your wings and doing wow things,” and they encourage all girls to come get involved

“Again, creating those life skills of making decisions, setting goals, communication, business ethics,” Martin said. “There’s lots to learn and tons of fun to have. So find your wings and do wow things.”

Martin says that you can find where cookies are sold in your area through their Girl Scout cookie finder app. The girls also have links to online profiles to order cookies from them online.

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