Students practice tornado drills for Severe Weather Awareness Week

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students at Jackson Careers and Technology participated in Severe Weather Awareness Week Wednesday.

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“It’s a good way for us to be prepared because we’re getting ready to approach the spring time,” said Jackson Careers and Technology principal James Walker. “We do have a lot of storms that roll in pretty quickly.”

So students practiced to make sure they knew where to go during a real tornado.

“With our fourth graders being as small as they are, we generally put them in the main office because we have a lot of interior rooms with no windows in the main office,” Walker said.

The students quickly and quietly filed into their designated locations and followed their teachers’ instructions.

“We ask them to get up against the wall, get on their knees and cover their head,” Walker said. “It’s important they’re quiet so they can hear what’s going on so they can also hear instructions in case something has to happen and they have to move or something happens that way.”

School staff say parents can help practice at home, too.

“The biggest thing we can ask our parents to do is make sure the kids are willing to follow instructions and not panic in a situation like that,” Walker said.

During a tornado, you should always find an interior room and stay away from doors, windows, or heavy objects.



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