High school showcases technical educational programs

JACKSON, Tenn. — Administrators at Liberty Technology Magnet High School are showing off just how beneficial their technical education programs are for students.

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To do that, they hosted their first ever Crusader Showcase.

“Really, we have about five or six individual businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, that we’re running here at Liberty Tech,” principal James Barnett said.

The programs include manufacturing, auto repair, agriculture, culinary arts and more.

After a ceremony from students and teachers, attendees split into two groups and got a tour of the school and its programs.

“It’s definitely prepared me for the future of college, which I’m attending University of Memphis after this,” senior Hannah Reams said.

Reams is studying both agriculture and business. She says Liberty Tech helped hone her interests.

“It definitely put me in the mindset of schoolwork first, extra-curriculars afterwards,” she said.

Attendees included local officials, business leaders and others.

Barnett says the school’s unique education programs help students get hands on experience that helps them immediately after graduation.

“Our students are the focal point of those. They run those programs. Of course, we have teachers that are certified and guide and lead them through it, but the students are running it,” he said.

“I honestly believe that students and the teachers work together well, just to prepare ourselves,” Reams said.

Attendees were invited to have lunch by the culinary arts program after the conclusion of the showcase.

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