Benton Co. sheriff speaks about recovery effort

CAMDEN, Tenn. — These two houses on Ballard Road in Camden suffered severe damage from Monday night’s tornadoes, and clean up is going to take several days.

But the damage is more than in just one neighborhood.

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“Major damage? Probably 25 homes, and at least four or five homes that are completely destroyed,” said Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher. “Things keep falling out of the trees. Metal objects off of stuff like sheds, landing up in trees.”

In the middle of the destruction, there is hope.

Sheriff Christopher says that Benton County Sheriff’s Office has received so many donations of food and clothing, they’re having to put extras in the hallways. There is also no shortage of volunteers.

“When something happens, we always get more than what we need,” Sheriff Christopher said.

“If it’s something bad, they grab their shotguns and come out. If its something like this, they start grabbing their chainsaws and start calling ‘Where do you need me?'” Sheriff Christopher said.

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He says the sheriff’s office will be the central hub for the donations and any assistance for those impacted by the storm.

They will be sorting out the donations and delivering them to families.

“So that we can make it sure it can go to the people that need it, we can check it out and make sure that is the areas that’s hurt,” Sheriff Christopher said.

For now, the sheriff’s office has inmates helping stock a church basement full of non-perishable food and clothes.

“It’s open year round, and all they have to do is pick up what they need and we give it to them,” Sheriff Christopher said.

If you would like to donate, you can contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at (731) 279-4280.

Sheriff Christopher confirmed a woman who was injured inside a mobile during the tornado is expected to recover.

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