Jackson State kicks off Women’s History Month celebrations


N, Tenn. — A college is showing off their muscles celebrating Women’s History Month.

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Jackson State kicked off their Women’s History Month celebrations with Wear Your Rosie Day.

Students and professors dressed in the iconic denim and red bandanna and of course had to flex those biceps.

One professor says it’s all about showing that women are doing so much around the world every day.

“We’re just trying to fill in that gap in the history books. To really show students women are innovators, women are engineers, they’re creators,” said Dr. Liz Mayo, Associate Professor of English. “They’re not just our mothers, sisters and daughters, and that’s very important too. But, women are really out there and they’re creating things and they’re running the world.”

Tomorrow they’ll have two guest speakers on campus talking about the Tennessee Women’s Suffrage Heritage Trail.

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