Volunteers work to clear damage in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Roofs off of houses, debris littering sidewalks and even a church steeple laying on the ground.

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Despite the damage, the sound of Tennesseans living up to the name, the Volunteer State, can be heard.

“I’m just in awe of the devastation. I’ve never seen anything like this,” volunteer Chuck Naylor said.

There are a few ways to describe Monroe Street: shocking and overwhelming, but also vibrant and uplifting. Especially when you realize many of the people working don’t live in Nashville.

“I saw the need on television, so I just put a chain saw in my truck and headed out. Here I am,” volunteer Joe Moore said.

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“I own my own remodeling company, so what we’re trying to do is come down and help people,” Naylor said.

The common story for many people? Volunteers showing up on their doorsteps saying, “How can I help?”

“Their insurance, they said didn’t cover it. There was a need, we filled it, and we were very happy to do it,” Moore said.

“Everybody is your neighbor. Love is the greatest commandment. Love thy neighbor as thyself. So if you love your neighbor, you’ll come out and help even if you don’t know them,” volunteer Robert Hayes said.

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While many are helping start the rebuilding process, others are trying to meet immediate needs.

“There’s so many people out here walking up [and] down the street, looking at the fact of how to start, how to rebuild. For us to go through and to volunteer our time, our service to give them food and drink, a little encouragement. That’s what they need at this time,” volunteer Rick Totten said.

Right now the community’s immediate needs include food, water, electricity and fixing what is broken.

Soon these needs will become more long-term.

A church will have to find a new place to worship.

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Don’t let the initial shock turn into complacency as the coverage dies down. Find a place to volunteer and make sure the community builds up stronger than it was before.

To learn more about how to volunteer or donate, check the Seen on 7 section of the website.

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