Tennesseans observe Day of Hope across state

JACKSON, Tenn. — “We’re really wanting to raise awareness for multiple different topics,” Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network southwest regional director, Lindsey Carr said.

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Topics like mental health, substance misuse, suicide and Narcan training are all included in Tennessee Day of Hope.

Carr is helping community members learn about indirect verbal clues for someone who may be having suicidal thoughts.

“Adverse childhood experiences, Narcan and QPR, which is ‘Question, Persuade, Refer.’ We are going to talk a little bit about suicide prevention and kind of how all those things kind of correlate together,” Carr said.

Other organizations are providing resources for young adults and victims of substance abuse.

“We want them to be aware of the prevalence of the different issues in our community, whether it be substance abuse, suicide and also equip to be able to take this knowledge and spread it even further,” Carr said.

Carr says this program will help people understand issues people deal with when they undergo childhood trauma.

“When we can start recognizing why people are the way they are, instead of the verbiage of what’s wrong with you, or what’s happened to you, that kind of changes the culture of our community,” she said.

Governor Bill Lee proclaimed March 10 as Tennessee Day of Hope in February. For more information, visit tn.gov.

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