Local health official educates church on COVID 19


“We do not have any positive cases in rural West Tennessee yet,” said Jackson-Madison County General Hospital Manager of Infection Control Jeannie Tignor.

Screen Shot 2020 03 15 At 9.16.15 PmAlthough no cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Madison County, Jeannie Tignor, Manager of Infection Control at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital wants to help clear up any concerns members of Popular Heights Church may have about the virus.

“You can have a coronavirus, be tested and checked for coronavirus and it not be this one,” said Tignor.

Tignor said there are 2 distinct groups, Common Human coronavirus and Novel coronavirus.

She said a normal cold can be compared to the Common Human coronavirus but the Novel coronavirus known as Covid 19, derives from animal host and mutated to be transmissible to people.

“Lots of people have it and hardly even know their sick but we don’t want them transmitting it to people that can get sicker if we can prevent it,” said Tignor.

Tignor said the best way to avoid the virus is by washing your hands, social distancing and refrain from touching your face.

Pastor Richard Bragg of Popular Heights Church said they’ve been following these safety procedures.

“Cleaned all the pews and wiped everything down, tried to think of all the surfaces everyone would be touching,” said Pastor Bragg.

But Tignor said it really comes down the people taking care of themselves individually.

“I want them to know, not to panic but how to be safe,” said Tignor.

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