Social distancing helps prevent spread of illness

JACKSON, Tenn. — Social distancing: What is it and why do we need to do it?

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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, social distancing is physically putting space between you and other people to stop the spread of illness.

The Centers for Disease Control says you need to keep at least 6 feet between you and other people to prevent the spread COVID-19.

What does 6 feet look like?

A tape measure is a great way to show this. Standing that far away to talk to someone may feel awkward, but it’s how you’ll stay healthy.

So what does that look like here in West Tennessee?

Doctors say anyone over the age of 60 should be staying at home as much as possible.

They also recommend not going to a place where 25 or more people can gather. So going to the movies or a bar on a Friday or Saturday night might be a bad decision.

Once you become infected you can pass it on to others.

Mayor Scott Conger held a press briefing Monday morning, declaring a state of emergency for the city of Jackson.

He also recommends social distancing.

This is what Conger had to say about bars and restaurants in Jackson:

“Those are left up to private industry. We’re not at the stage to limit those. I’m asking them to act accordingly and provide best business practices to make sure our citizens safe.”

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But if you do need to get out to go to the gym or to grocery shop, try going at off-peak hours. That will limit your exposure to other people.

Or you could even try walking or exercising outside. The more ventilated the area is the lesser chance you have of catching the virus.

If it’s an option, use delivery services. It will dramatically cut down on interaction time, and if you do have to come in contact with the delivery person, just wash your hands quickly after the food is dropped off.

The same can be said for the drive-thru.

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