Country comes together through social distancing

JACKSON, Tenn. — From hippos to Olaf, the world is coming together to make social distancing not friendship distancing.

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“Welcome to the Cincinnati Zoo. My name is Jennah. I am a keep in the African department, and we are here at Hippo Cove with Bibi and Fiona,” Jennah said.

Every day at 3 p.m., the Cincinnati Zoo is introducing you to animals on Facebook live and their website.

“I have a lot of questions coming in. Hopefully, you’re learning as we go and I’m answering some of those questions,” she said.

Some companies are offering virtual tours of Yellowstone National Park, even art museums.

And Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf is reading children’s books every day on Twitter’s live stream.

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Locally, the Jackson-Madison County Library is putting resources online as well.

“In the meantime we have lots of online resources. E-books, audio books, in fact we’re launching a streaming video subscription Wednesday of this week called Hooplah. You’ll be able to go to our website and click E-Resources and get it that way,” Jackson-Madison County Library director, Dinah Harris.

Even though the library is temporarily closing, there will be staff available for you to call to help you on their website while you pick out e-books.

“Libraries are always about making people’s qualities of life better, and that’s no different now,” Harris said.

For a list of some of these educational resources, click here.

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