Dollar General asks customers to consider seniors, at-risk populations

JACKSON, Tenn. — One store chain is encouraging customers to be considerate of one group of people who could be at risk from COVID-19.

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“The senior community is one of the groups that are more susceptible and vulnerable to the virus,” spokesperson Crystal Ghassemi said.

Ghassemi encourages you to think of seniors and others who may be at a higher risk for coronavirus while shopping.

Hundreds in West Tennessee are flocking to grocery stores in search of food and basic necessities, such as toilet paper, that are selling out quickly.

Those group outings at the store don’t help prevent the spread of germs, so Dollar General is designating the first hour of their store’s operating hours for elderly and at-risk customers to shop.

“We wanted to be able to provide them with a shopping experience during the first hour of every day to allow them to come in, get the basics and essentials they’re looking for in our store, and be able to get home,” Ghassemi said.

Dr. Deborah Birx, an expert on the coronavirus task force, applauds companies for senior only shopping hours during the pandemic and hopes it carries over into flu season.

“I think that’s extraordinary. I think that shows what America brings, and I think other countries will learn from us about how to really protect seniors in this type of way,” Birx said.

“The store should be a little bit more in stock so they can come in and have a little bit more pleasant shopping experience,” Ghassemi said.

All stores also plan to close an hour early to allow employees extra time to restock shelves.

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