Tips for parents explaining COVID-19 to kids

JACKSON, Tenn.–“It’s been confusing for them for sure,” said mother of three, Jamie Miller.

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The coronavirus is causing state officials to keep kids out of school. On top of that, the rainy weather has kept children indoors.

Jaime Miller says it’s been a challenge.

“We just had to explain there’s a sickness going around. It’s a virus,” Miller said. “They actually really like washing their hands already.”

Miller said Wednesday is the first time her daughter went outside since being quarantined.

“This is really the first time she’s been able to leave the house since, really since like last week, so she was super excited to get to go real quick just to go pick out a couple games,” Miller said.

Dana Jett has teen triplets and an older daughter.

“For their age group , what we have now is, the information that we have now is, that they will be okay with the virus, not comfortable but okay,” Jett said.

Dr. Katie Price-Verdell, a psychologist with a specialization in children, has important tips for parents.

“Young children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for a lot of the time. I think it’s important to be honest with your children about what’s going on,” Dr. Price said. “They don’t necessarily need to wait for the child to come to them to be asking questions because at that point the child is probably already anxious and afraid.”

Dr. Price also said parents should consider taking care of their mental health first before talking with their children.

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