One confirmed COVID-19 case in Gibson County

GIBSON, CO., Tenn. — “There has been a positive result, unfortunately,” says Gibson County Mayor Tom Witherspoon.


Mayor Witherspoon confirms one positive case of COVID-19 in Gibson County Friday morning.

“We are prepared to handle this. We’ve known this was coming. We’re taking social distancing and CDC guidelines very seriously,” said Mayor Witherspoon.

“People need to stay home like they tell you to,” said co-owner of Hometown Wine and Spirits in Medina, Wesley Morphis. Morphis says unlike other businesses during this crisis, his business is booming.

“One thing is for sure is liquor is recession proof!” Morphis said.

Gibson County hairstylists say they are very busy as well, but are taking more precautions now that the virus has hit closer to home.

“I think people need to be smart and take caution and not to panic so much,” said Medina Hair Studio hairstylist, Leslie Bullman.

“I’m kinda freaking out definitely because I do work with people, but basically I am not worried about catching the virus, but about closing down, like, I got bills to pay, ” said Medina Hair Studio hairstylist, Hayley Allen.

“As long as we work together and be decent to one another, we can get through this. Don’t panic, we are going to be fine.
Helped a loved one and be kind to one another,” said Mayor Witherspoon.

Like many families, Bullman has a son who is quarantined at home with the father which is what officials are advising many to do.

Mayor Witherspoon says they are looking to possibly changing policies at his office. For now, he says take safety measures, help the elderly if you can and practice good hygiene.

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