Haywood County judge releases non-violent offenders, urges citations

HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn. — Haywood County General Sessions Judge Roland Reed confirmed Monday that he approved the release of several inmates held in the Haywood County jail who were serving time for non-violent offenses.

Reed said the decision came after an order encouraging judges across the state to consider releasing non-violent offenders.

Judge Reed said there were individuals were were serving misdemeanor sentences, including contempt of court in child support cases or with technical violations of probation, including non-payment of costs or failure to report. Judge Reed said those individuals were released to reduce the population of inmates in the jail.

Judge Reed also said he has been in touch with law enforcement in Brownsville, Haywood County and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He said he is now encouraging officers, deputies and troopers who work in Brownsville and Haywood County jurisdiction to use citations for non-violent offenses in instances when the public would not be placed in danger.

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