Jackson streets empty as businesses close doors

JACKSON, Tenn. — Businesses across the Hub City are starting to close. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News reporter Julia Ewoldt got out to take a look around.

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“There’s nobody around you. It kind of seems like a ghost town, like you’re driving through a ghost town,” said driver Ayla West. “Everything is a ghost town.”

“It is. It’s a straight ghost town,” Zachary Webber, driver, said.

These hopeful customers I talked to on Vann Drive are travelling through Jackson. They went up to businesses to find signs taped on the front doors: Closed.

“It just seems like everything along the way, all these small shops and everything that should be open,” West said.

And as for restaurants, it’s take out only from now on.

“Just coming through, restaurants are closed. Places that would normally be inhabited about this time of day, not at all,” Webber said.

However, Books A Million, Joann’s, Home Depot, and a handful of other stores were still open. And many of the stores directed you to their websites for online shopping.

“It’s really sad, and it’s really sad for the business,” Webber said. “Shutdowns like this normally aren’t good. So employees, everyone gets affected by it. The community and all.”

The good news is if you have to go anywhere, you probably won’t have to deal with much traffic.

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