Bear hunting keeps children entertained while social distancing

JACKSON, Tenn. — Trying to look for a way to get you and the kids out of the house while still maintaining social distancing?

Chandler 2

There’s something you can do in the car, and it’s trending on Facebook. It’s called bear hunting.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News reporter Julia Ewoldt drove around the Lambuth area neighborhood, specifically Northwood Avenue, where people are putting on bear hunts all over the area.

Some places include north Jackson, Gibson County, Dyersburg, Martin and Savannah.

She was able to find nine bears at one house!

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The bears can be in a window, front door, porch, tree or anywhere they can be seen from the road.

To find a hunt near you, just check Facebook. Some neighborhoods are posting which streets are participating, so while the kids hunt, the parents don’t have to.

Some people say they’ve found hundreds of bears in their neighborhoods.

If you don’t have any stuffed bears, don’t worry! You can substitute it for a heart and it still counts.

Kids are encouraged to remember it is not a competition.

Be sure to check with your local neighborhood to see if there’s a hunt planned. If not, you can always start it yourself. Happy hunting!

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