Doctor speaks about symptoms of coronavirus, allergies, flu

JACKSON, Tenn. — Whether it’s a cough, sneeze or fever, our body has a way of letting us know if we’re sick.

What symptoms should you be looking for, especially with coronavirus?

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Not every symptom means you have COVID-19, but having respiratory issues is one of the common signs.

“The problem is that this is so highly contagious, it spreads. That’s the issue,” said Physicians Quality Care owner, Dr. Jimmy Hoppers. “What you have to do is be taken care of. With COVID it’s not just this occasional little staccato cough.”

For COVID-19, fever, cough and shortness of breath are the main symptoms, which take up to two weeks to show. How does that compare to the flu or even allergies?

People are not unfamiliar with the signs of allergy season.

“Allergies, the symptoms predominate with sneezing. It’s runny or stuffy nose,” said Hopper. “You get watery or itchy eyes. Your sinuses feel plugged up.”

And the symptoms usually show up instantly. Coughing and fever are common symptoms for the flu.

Sometimes you can experience chills, fatigue, headaches, a sore throat and not as much in terms of respiratory issues, with symptoms showing up after one to four days.

Medical experts say whatever the signs may be, it should be taken care of accordingly.

“Let’s take this day by day,” said Hopper. “Let’s keep our heads about us. Let’s deal with the problems as they come up and we’re going to get through this.”

Always make sure to talk with your medical care provider if you are experiencing any symptoms and continue practicing social distancing and sanitation methods in the mean time.

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