Executive order puts pressure on salon owners

JACKSON, Tenn. — The executive order is not only stopping beauticians and barbers from cutting hair, but its cutting into their livelihood.

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Shear Class Salon owners, Chasity and Demecus Jeffries are doing their best to abide by the executive order and provide for a family of six.

“What are we going to do?” Chasity Jeffries said.

“How do we get money?” Demecus Jeffries said.

These are the questions business owners have now that they can no longer have their doors open to clients.

“This is my livelihood. We are in here everyday. We don’t have any other source of income,” Chasity said.

Chasity says she has been in business in Jackson for almost 15 years.

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“If we shut down, where would the finances come from?” she said.

She says she and her husband did not see this coming, even with the coronavirus outbreak.

“Me and my wife are going to sit down and really talk about this thing, and maybe even find another job for a while,” Demecus said.

“Even before yesterday, we were taking caution and cleaning it and everything. I don’t understand why we couldn’t take those precautions and continue to do what were going to do,” Chasity said.

“I have four kids. Not only that, I have two dogs. I got to feed them too,” Demecus said.

The Jeffries’ oldest child, Micaiah Goff, says if comes down to it, she will find a job to help her parents.

“Especially with us being a big family, it’s going to be really hard for us to try and buy things and stuff,” Goff said.

“We don’t want to make anybody else sick, but we do need to make money for our family,” Chasity said.

The executive order will last until April 6.

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