Governor Lee announces funding for victims of early March tornadoes

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–On March 3, Tennessee was impacted by widespread tornadoes and severe storms causing 25 weather-related fatalities and over 4,000 structures destroyed.

Thursday, Governor Bill Lee announced funding coming to the areas impacted. In west Tennessee, this includes Benton and Carroll counties.

This means costs associated with damage to county roads and bridges, water control facilities, buildings and equipment, utilities, and parks also are eligible for federal reimbursement under the major disaster declaration.

“We here in Tennessee continue to focus on those victims of the tornadoes, on their families, on the relief, and the targeted efforts that we have put in place for the victims of those tornadoes, and we will continue to do so,” said Governor Lee.

Tornadoes also caused damage and fatalities in middle Tennessee.

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