Health officials detail second Madison County COVID-19 case

JACKSON, Tenn. — We now have our second confirmed case of coronavirus in Madison County, a 77-year-old female who’s being treated at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

Amy Garner (1)

“Our team has begun the tracing of who she had contact to. This is an elderly lady who lived alone,” said Kim Tedford, Director of Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department.

So if she lives alone, how did she get the virus?

Health officials say a family friend from New Orleans stopped to visit on their way to Michigan. The family friend is now in Michigan on a ventilator.

The first positive case patient traveled to Miami on her own.

“Just another important message,” Tedford said. “Folks, stay at home, don’t travel. Please stay at home.”

She also has two home caregivers who have been contacted.

And if you’re a home caregiver, health officials say to use those same precautions you would anywhere. Wash your hands often, and wipe down those surfaces that people touch a lot.

Hospital officials say their staff is trained to handle all types of infectious diseases.

“We’ve been expecting these types of patients and we’re prepared, and our staff is very well trained to do that without contaminating other patients,” said Amy Garner of West Tennessee Healthcare.

Across all West Tennessee Healthcare hospitals and clinics, 217 patients have been tested for the coronavirus.

“I don’t have confirmation in testing that we have community spread out there. But, do I think it’s out there? Absolutely. That’s why we’re telling everyone to please stay at home,” Tedford said.

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