Hardin Medical Center discusses COVID-19 testing concerns

SAVANNAH, Tenn.– “The biggest fear is, ‘do I have it?’ because you have signs of it, and there’s so many wanting to get tested, you really can’t test everybody,” Hardin Medical Center CEO Nick Lewis said.

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Lewis said the amount of people seeking COVID-19 testing led to a delay in results from labs at all levels.

“Now, everything is starting to extend out because there are so many tests being performed that it’s creating a backlog,” Lewis said. “it’s not unusual to see seven, eight or nine days before you ever hear a report back.”

Although, Hardin Medical Center does what they can to help those who want testing, Lewis said most who are coming in for tests are those without a primary care doctor, or are acutely ill and need an exam.

“We’ll do all of the swabs here and then send the samples off LabCorp or Quest and they’ll actually do the testing there,” Lewis said.

Lewis also said the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more screenings of visitors before allowing them into the hospital.

“It has heightened a level of sensitivity to making sure the screening questions are thoroughly asked on the front end, so we don’t accidentally let someone slip through the cracks,” Lewis said.

He also said if you have COVID-19 symptoms, call before going to your doctor’s office.

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