Jackson Animal Care Center looking for fosters during quarantine

JACKSON, Tenn.–If you’re quarantining at home, you might want some four-legged company.

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The Jackson Animal Care Center has a few dogs looking for a foster home.

Interim shelter director Whitney Owen said while most of the shelter animals were adopted or fostered out, there are still a few left.

Petey, Nikita, Mamba, Jersey, Hank and Mouse are in need of foster homes.

Interested fosters should contact the shelter and talk about their home dynamic to determine which dog fits it.

“If it’s something they’re comfortable with, that they’ve done in the past, if they feel like they’re prepared for it emotionally and physically, I would very much like to have them on board with us, even if we don’t necessarily have something right now that fits into their dynamic,” Owen said.

Interested fosters are only allowed to visit by appointment and one person at a time.

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