Jackson church hosts drive-in Sunday service

JACKSON, Tenn. — SoulQuest Church on North Highland Avenue held a drive-in church service Sunday.

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“We’ve been in our living rooms doing live feed, and we wanted to do something little different,” Pastor Ronnie Coleman said.

Coleman says he has heard about drive-in church services being held in many places around the country.

“We wanted to give it a shot here. This is the perfect place to do it, right here at North Side High School, and I think our first service was success. We kind of pride ourselves in doing creative and things outside the box little bit,” Coleman said.

Churchgoers responded to Coleman during the sermon with flashing lights and honks. Coleman says it is a fun and unique way of attending service, all while staying safe.

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“We are able to do social distancing by staying in our cars. That is very important. We want to honor our mayor and our state government and our federal government. We believe God placed them there for a reason, so we want to do everything we can to honor them. This would be great because people would stay in their cars, we parked every car 10 feet apart and nobody got out of their car, and so I think it worked great,” Coleman said.

Coleman says he hopes to have another drive-in church service next Sunday.

To find out more about SoulQuest Church and their drive-in service, visit the Seen on 7 section of our website.

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