Company fights COVID-19 pandemic on 2 fronts

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — “You should have a mask every bit of the time,” Yukon Outfitters and Alamo Pride owner, Preston Powell said.

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According to the United States Department of Labor the number of unemployment claims has risen to almost 3 million, amid COVID-19.

Powell says he wants to be able to help in the fight against the virus on two fronts: Keep his employees working and help people stay safe.

“So we had a quick huddle and started to quickly retool, so that we can change what we do into face masks,” Powell said.

Initially his business makes hammocks and outdoor items, but with a new demand for face masks, he decided to use the resources he had to change direction.

“One of the first processes that it takes to cut pieces of fabric, and the first part of the horn beak design, of our particular pattern,” Powell said.

“This operation here, she’s inserting the elastic underneath the surge, the safety surge in order to create a nice bite to that when you turn it inside out, you’ve got an ear loop,” Powell said.

He says these masks will go out to first responders, schools and the general public.

“One of the requests that we’ve gotten was a traditional tie back face mask, first responders, people that train in the medical field, they often prefer a tie back piece,” Powell said.

A request granted free of charge for people in need.

“If there is an organization or entity in need, then we will help those out by any mean possible,” Powell said.

They are getting the job done sewing with 950 masks a day, six days a week.

“We feel extremely blessed to not only to stay in business, but actually we’re working for a product that’s helping to hopefully keep people safe,” Powell said.

Powell says he wants to make sure people know they are not a medical institution, but a manufacturing company that makes face masks.

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