Local attorney gives back to healthcare workers

JACKSON, Tenn. — Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, officials with West Tennessee Healthcare say they’ve had enough equipment and personal protection items in stock for their healthcare workers and patients.

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“We started stocking up on supplies that we could get back in March when we knew that we might have a surge and everybody’s done a great job to preserve and use protective equipment sparingly, but also keeping in mind patient safety,” said Amy Garner, Chief Compliance and Communications Officer with West Tennessee Healthcare.

At Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, relaxation rooms are in place throughout the facility for healthcare workers. To show appreciation for all their hard work, Jackson Attorney Mark Donahoe is sponsoring items for these rooms.

“It’s a high stress situation, especially the employees here treating the COVID patients. The hospital needed that,” said Donahoe.

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The relaxation rooms are filled with essential oil diffusers, yoga mats, bean bag chairs, snacks and more — all to help promote self-care in a time of high stress.

“We can’t beat this thing without our healthcare people taking care of us,” said Donahoe. “We just wanted to try and do anything we can do to help maybe just take care of them just a little bit.”

Garner says the community has come together to even donate things like homemade masks and reusable gowns and says they appreciate all the support that the healthcare workers have been receiving.

“All sorts of things that have been donated for our staff and it’s just incredible, the way the community has come to support our healthcare workers all across the region,” said Garner.

Garner says they are still continuing to think of their patients, and plan on keeping current restrictions in place and limiting people visiting the hospital and cancer center for the time being.

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