Jackson gyms reopen with new safety guidelines

JACKSON, Tenn. — Gyms across the state are reopening for business, but you’re going to notice a few changes when you get inside.

“That’s our main concern, is we want to keep everyone safe and follow the Governor of Tennessee’s pledge,” said Steve Roten, general manager of Gold’s Gym.

Gold’s Gym in Jackson is one of the many across state making changes.

When you first get to the gym, they’re going to ask you a few screening questions, like if you’ve felt sick or been around anyone who is sick.

“We have some people who are using masks, but some people are not,” Roten said. “Our staff are wearing masks, but for our members it’s optional.”

Since classes are postponed, there aren’t as many people at the gym. So even though half the cardio equipment is marked off, you probably won’t have to wait. But there still are certain procedures you’ll need to follow.

“I’m going to issue them a microfiber cleaning towel. It’s mandatory. They have to take it with them through the gym. They have to clean each piece of equipment with the spray bottle of disinfectant that we have located all over the gym, and they spray before and after each workout,” Roten said.

And some of the biggest things they’re asking of you: have common sense and be courteous.

“So, I haven’t had anyone really violating the social distancing rules,” Roten said. “I haven’t seen it to be a problem for anyone.”

Even with all the changes being made, Roten said the biggest thing his customers are saying is, “thank you for being open.”

The lockers, showers, sauna, and water fountain are also closed at this time.

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