Mostly Sunny And Slightly Warmer

Weather Update: Thursday, May 7 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We have a rather chilly start to the morning as temperatures have fallen into the lower 40s. A few isolated area fell into the upper 30s briefly. Otherwise it will be a mainly sunny day as high pressure dominates the scene.  Temperatures should climb through the 50s and 60s fairly quickly this afternoon. Clouds will start to increase towards evening, with showers breaking out by midnight. Shower will increase in areal coverage and intensity, especially in northwest Tennessee through Friday morning. There may be a rumble of thunder or  two, however we expect this to be primary just rain off and on. The arctic front should push through by 1 or 2 PM Friday. From there temps should be in free fall the rest of the afternoon.
Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell

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