Gradual Increase In Clouds, Cool

Weather Update: Monday, May 11 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We have another unseasonably cold start to the day. Temps are in the upper 40s. We have a cloud free sky for now, but that will change gradually as the day goes along. A cold front moved through the area overnight. It is hardly noticeable other than the cumulus clouds yesterday, and the rather chilly start this morning, and the fact we won’t climb out of the mid 60s. That cold front will stall this morning, then become a warm front and lift back towards West Tennessee slowly. We will see clouds gradually increase through the day. It should be mostly cloudy by this evening. Scattered Showers will be possible just after Midnight as the main front moves a little closer. Video To Gif 2020 05 11t072447.240

Storm Team Meteorologist
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