Man faces charges; accused of aggravated assault

BELLS, Tenn. — A man has been arrested, accused of assaulting another man.

Bells Road Rage Incident 2

Lt. Donnie King of the Bells Police Department says he was working the early morning night shift on May 7.

“I heard this noise inside the building, and I immediately come out, and I looked across the street,” Lt. King said. “When I looked across the street, I see these two vehicles had collided, so I yelled out to find out what was going on.”

Lt. King says 55-year-old Alan Uselton was driving a white truck, and a 26-year-old man was in a blue car.

“So I immediately got into my vehicle,” Lt. King said. “Once I got to the scene, I advised the guy to get back into his vehicle.”

He says he questioned the man in the car, who said the incident started well before they got to the gas station.

“The vehicle rammed the back of his car, the back of his vehicle, and he continued to come towards Bells and at this point it rammed him a second time,” Lt. King said.

Once they got to the gas station, Lt. King said it continued with a third hit to his vehicle, followed by an assault.

“Aggravated assault is when he actually used his vehicle as a weapon, and he got out and physically assaulted this guy on the scene,” Lt. King said.

“He was telling him to get down on the ground. He kicked his vehicle first and then he pulled him from his vehicle, and he told him to get down on the ground, and he continues to give him orders to do certain things,” Lt. King said.

The man told Lt. King he only listened to Uselton because he was scared.

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“You know if you got anything that’s going on like that, please just calm down. Stay out of your vehicle,” Lt. King said.

Uselton is charged with following too closely, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

Lt. King says Uselton was released, but over the weekend he was arrested again. He is accused of violating a protection order.

A hearing date has not been set.

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