Community holds parade to honor seniors

ALAMO, Tenn. — A community came together to celebrate its seniors.

Crockett Co Senior Parade

“It’s a momentous time, and they’d be here in these bleachers if they weren’t out on the streets. We know they’re supporting this class,” said Donna Hopper, who is the parent of a senior.

May 15 was a day seniors at Crockett County High School looked forward to for years. It was their graduation day.

Hopper has a daughter in the graduating class and was over Project Graduation.

Plans changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the community, staff and parents came together to help make their seniors’ day special with a parade through Alamo.

“Our community and Crockett County always has each other’s backs, so it’s just really meaningful to all of us for the support we have,” said Crockett County High School senior Liv Milford.

“It shows that people actually care about [us], like nobody has forgotten the class of 2020. It’s like a makeup or redo of what we’ve had to miss this school year,” said Eli Essary, a senior at the school.

“It feels like it’s been so long since I haven’t seen them. All of the memories come flooding back when you see them, and it’s just good to make more memories,” said senior Madelyn Woods.

“We know we won’t be able to see each other much more, with us going off to college, so it’s just a reminder of everybody before we don’t see them anymore,” said senior Cara Smith.

Class President Jesus Sanchez says his class is unique from others.

“We’re always together, and the one thing I like about Crockett County in general is that we don’t have any specific friend groups. We can all get along quite well,” Sanchez said.

Seniors say they’re excited for life after graduation. They say even if their last year wasn’t like others, it is still one for the books.

“I’m excited for that new step in life, the new ‘adulthood’ as they say,” Sanchez said.

“It’s one to remember for sure. One we can tell people about, our kids later on. It’s been crazy,” Woods said.

As of now, graduation day for Crockett County High School is June 19.

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