Humboldt HS alumni sets up fundraiser to honor seniors

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — A local community comes together to recognize graduating seniors.

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Due to COVID-19 circumstances some high school seniors are facing a tough reality, that they won’t have the chance to walk in a commencement ceremony.

Thanks to Tamara Moore, she created a fundraiser on Facebook, raising over $900 for yard signs to be made for the seniors at Humboldt High School.

“I actually thought that I went to my Class of 1993 Facebook page to ask for donations but I actually set up a fundraiser. We asked for a donation of $12 to purchase signs for our seniors to let them know that we do recognize them,” said Moore.

“Getting a poster for the first time or a yard sign for the first time and being supported, we thank you for doing the posters for us,” said senior, Skyy Dickey.

Instructional technology coach for Humboldt city schools, Emily Burleson says she assisted Moore and wants to make sure students are celebrated for their hard work.

“We spent time making sure all of our students had pictures and that each student was celebrated from the class of 2020,” said Burleson.

The signs were designed by Pro Image Shirts and Signs in Medina.

“You know, the thing that we’ve all done in the past is walk the aisle and accepting your diploma and those things,” said Kevin Lewis, owner of Pro Image Shirts and Signs. “I feel that it is important to just recognize and them to be recognized to get that experience.”

Moore says she wants to give her thanks to the Humboldt community and everyone who made a contribution, especially during difficult times.

“This is Humboldt. We come together as a team to help our kids and we wanted it to come from the Humboldt community which it did along with family and friends, Humboldt alumni and just Humboldt. This is who we are, this us,” said Moore.

A total of 73 yard signs were made for the seniors at Humboldt High School.

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