Health department hosts live Q&A

JACKSON, Tenn.–The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department answers COVID-19 questions live in real time.

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“I’m feeling really good about our numbers. I don’t want you to become lax in anything that we’re telling you to do,” regional director Kim Tedford said.

Although the case count in Madison County remains at 165, Tedford asks you to keep taking precautions.

She held a live question and answer session on Facebook, Tuesday.

She covered the hot button issue of wearing a mask.

“I don’t want people thinking people who are wearing masks are exhibiting fear. They are being respectful and considerate of other people they come in contact with,” Tedford said.

“When the physician, and the nurses, and the others working in the operating room have masks on, that’s not to protect them. That’s to protect the patient lying on the operating table,” Tedford said.

Many were able to ask questions in the comments of the Facebook live, such as, why are masks not mandatory?

Tedford said a mask mandate would be hard to enforce.

Another asked is it safe to wear a mask for an extended period of time?

“Yes, it’s very safe. Is it comfortable? No,” Tedford said.

One person asked if students should be tested before going back to school.

Tedford said a negative result is only good for that moment.

“Let’s say, I get tested today and I test negative. Tomorrow, I can be exposed to the virus and get it, and I could be tested two days from now and be positive,” Tedford said.

Another asked about testing at private providers, and if you have to be symptomatic.

She suggested talking to your provider because testing supplies may be limited.

The Jackson-Madison  County Regional Health Department will host a media briefing Wednesday morning at 10.

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